"You aren’t a true 5sos fan unless you were here from the start" Dude ashton wasn’t even here from the start and he’s the drummer


this could be us but you playin


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Parrish: So are you all like Lydia ?
Scott: what do you mean?
Parrish: You’re all psychic?
Scott : yah something like that!
Ha ha ha Scott

Teen wolf
Girl: I wish I could date one of the magcon guys
Me: why?
Girl: are you serious
Me: yah
Girl: how could not want to date them, you probably just don't who they are.
Me: no I do and that's exactly why I don't.
Girl: *stares* well name your favs
Me: Shawn and Cameron
Girl : there more than that you know
Me: yah I know I'm just only a fan of those who aren't huge douches and who don't have an ego. I also like them because they have actual talent and or potential and are nice to their fans and so yah
Girl: *rolls eyes *

Hahaha omg what?!



Hahaha omg what?!


Nice boys

To all the nice boys out there that are overlooked,
Please keep being polite, sweet , kind and treating women right.

it may seem like the bad guys get the girls but trust me they don’t keep them. It’s not that girls don’t like you but you’re just so nice that when you think you’re flirting we think you’re just being friendly, but don’t be sad just be a little more bold and flirt like nobody’s business.

Tell me where you’re hiding your voodoo doll because I can’t control myself, I don’t wanna stay I wanna runaway but I trapped under your spell


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Carolina Beach, NC


Carolina Beach, NC

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